Weekly Contest Submission. "Something not made with wood"

Hi all, I’m back with another submission for this weeks contest:)

I was searching through my photos as I wasn’t sure I had made anything with my Longmill that wasn’t wood or had wood elements. Well I found a project that I did this year that wasn’t made from wood. Key Tags.

Our local Municipality asked if I would engrave all the employees names, (2 of each), and unit numbers, (1 and 2 of each), onto the tags for a new key system they were implementing. They priced out decals and thought about just using a permanent marker but felt that the names and numbers would eventually get worn, (or rubbed), off.

I made a wooden jig that would “friction fit” 17 tags at a time for engraving.

A diamond tipped drag bit was used for the job as the plastic walls on the tags were so thin. Every name and every unit number had to be engraved twice to get enough depth to make it permanent.

After machining them all, I went over all the engravings with a black permanent marker to make them all stand out more.

Here’s a video of the Longmill engraving some tags.

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