Weight question for using a spindle motor

I have searched the forum and could not find info on this so hopefully I did not miss a previous discussion. I saw a few posts about using a 1.5 kw spindle motor and a 2.2 kw. Ideally I would like to use a 2.2 kw as it would allow use of 1/2" bits which I have a lot of… But, information on the resources page says maximum weight of a spindle motor is 2.7 kg. From all the information I can find a 2.2 kw weighs about 5.2 kg, a 1.5 kw about 4 kg, and an 0.8 kw falls in line with the 2.7 kg recommended maximum. I have not ordered my LongMill yet but need to decide which spindle motor I would go with to order the correct diameter motor holder.
Thoughts from those with experience?