What is UGSPlatform

good morning everyone, i am new to CNC, have been doing a lot of live edge and thought would give cnc a try. purchases the 30 x 30 ling mill. my question what is the differance between ugsplatform and ugs sender and do i need both,thanking u in advance

First of all Welcome @Poppy. Bruce, both UGS and gSender are gcode senders. They both perform the same function, sending gcode to your longmill. You only need one. When Sienci first started shipping the longmill there were a few gcode senders we started using. UGS was, IMHO, one of the easiest but had some issues that never got resolved. I switched to one named CNCjs that was more stable and still easy to use. Then Sienci developed gSender (based on CNCjs) and a lot of longmill users have switched to it. It is still in beta mode but the first production release is not too far away. Most of the problems have been resolved and many new features have been added. I think Sienci, as usual, has put a lot of effort in producing a very worthwhile and stable gcode sender. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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Thank you, when watching videos from Sienci a few of the videos they were using UGSender then switched to UGplatform, that is why the question, now getting errors of error 15 , jog target reached limit

@Poppy Bruce: When you say that you switched to UGplatform, do you mean that you switched to the Sienci product “gSender”?

UGS has two versions, Platform and Classic. I think that everyone here that is/was using UGS was using the Platform verion.

As @Heyward43/Heyward said, before gSender came along, many of us were using UGS Platform. Early Sienci Youtube videos were recorded using that application. s

I just got confused when Sienci training videos changed from one to the other, discovered old video versus new video

@Poppy No worries, Bruce. We are just trying to help with the error 15. Are you getting that in gSender .0.7.5?

Thank you very much for your concern and help. I retired and have been doing woodwork and decided to get into CNC, I am not much of a computer guy but can work around it with help, I get confused when watching training videos and they use different programs, I may have made errors in my system waiting for Sienci to get back to me . Looking for someone in Palmerston Ontario, that can take a look at my machine and help me set up.

@Poppy @gwilki - Error 15 points to soft limits exceeded. Do you have soft limits or homing turned on? If you don’t have limit/homing switches then those need turning off.

Thanks I will check that out and will advise, it will be a couple of days, going to see grandkids play hockey,

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