When going with a third party laser, do you still need the Sienci laser driver module?

I might be suffering from bit too much eggnog but i just cant get my head around this issue.
I’ve got a LaserTree K30 30 watt laser that I’m wanting to install on the Longmill. Do I still need to use the Sienci laser driver module or do i go direct from the long board?

@Minidb I just read the specs on your laser and they specifically say that the machine that you install your laser module on provides 24V 5A. There is no output from the LM long board that supplies that. The power supply that is provided with the Laserbeam is 12V. Lasertree sells a 24V 5A power supply. I believe that is what you’ll need to power the laser.

Thanks Grant, the kit came with a power supply so im good there. It’s routed through an adapter board also supplied.
I’m pretty sure that I connect directly from the longboard PWM/GRD connection to the lasertree adapter board but had an random thought that the Sienci laser driver module needed to be used, i think its the eggnog fogging things up!
The more I think about it, the more I believe that the LaserTree just needs the PWM input from the longboard (through the adapter).

I have a small 3rd party laser that I use on my LongMill. It takes the PWM and ground from the LongBoard to the driver board that came with the laser. That driver board gets its power from the power supply that came with the laser.

It sounds like your new laser will hook up the same way as mine but be about 10 times more powerful :grinning:

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Thanks Michael, I managed to get in contact with another Longmill user who has a K30 installed and it turns out to be pretty straightforward. Longboard PWM signal to the LaserTree adapter board for the 24v power then to the Laser. No Driver module like the Sienci laser.

Looking forward to more power, should speed up the engraving and be able to cut some wood!


I just connected pwm/gnd from my NEJE e80 (24w) board to my longboard. Did not use anything from the Sienci Laser kit, as @_Michael stated. pretty easy.


Thanks Slovdahl, got the wiring in yesterday and hope to get the Laser fired up today!