When you write a title or start a new post it comes up with a preview

The forum will throw up a pop up saying “This topic is similar to” whatever other topic it think it has in mind that is close whether it is or not. Most of the time it has nothing to do with anything even close to the topic you want to post. For this post it brought up a topic about building the longmill support table and another one that had nothing to do with this post. Could you eliminate that? Its really annoying. Thanks for the hard work guys.

I think right now it’s not recommending anything close to what you’re actually writing since the forum size is still relatively small and almost every new thread is unique. In the future though, you may start to write a thread asking about, say “dust collection” and then you’ll see that there’s already an older post talking about it. This avoids unneeded post duplication and also points users towards existing solutions if they didn’t think to search it up first :+1: