Where to buy a dust shoe

I was a fool and didn’t buy the dust shoe when I bought my machine and now it’s on backorder. Are there other places where I can get a dust shoe that will work? Preferably someplace I could go out to buy it, but online retail if not. Brand new CNC/woodworker here. Got my machine set up and now actually hoping to run it, haha.

@ahliv Come on, Olivia, you’re a CNC person now, make your own. :grinning: :grinning:

Seriously, there are a few threads on here from those of us who made our own dust shoes and collection set ups. If you’re up for that, take a look at them and ask away if you need help.

@gwilki I’ve been looking at them! I guess my question is how essential is it to use one on every project until it gets built? I got that insulation foam you suggested and want to play around before making any significant material purchases. Can I run the CNC for a bit before adding the dust shoe?

@ahliv Sure you can. Just be ready to clean up the mess. Depending on your projects, the foam mess is not too bad. Worst case, just have your vacuum cleaner running and suck things up as you are cutting.

In case you still want to buy, just went and checked and the inventory is available. Ikenna is updating the site rn to say that we have more than 300 in stock

This might be preferable :slight_smile:

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Does the dust show work with the Dewalt router, anyone know.