Where to buy T-Tracks?

Hello friends!
I am the newest newb, having just ordered a 48X30 MK2 last week. I want to build my table ahead of time, but the ‘custom’ t-track from Sienci is out of stock. Anyone have another source for these? They are considerably better priced than Rockler or Kreg. I like the idea of using standard 1/4-20 hex bolts…

Maybe these?
POWERTEC 71372 Double-Cut Profile Universal T-Track (36") W/Double Cut Profile | EZ Mount Predrilled Holes, 4 Pack - - Amazon.com

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Those look like the ones that I got on Amazon. They worked out fine for me. The 1/4 20’s will hang up on any of the mounting screws if the ones you use are too big or just in a little crooked. I used #6 wood screws and they held up fine just one or two stick up a bit from being crooked.

Thanks Michael! I appreciate the heads up about the screw size and the need to be sure they are flush fitting in the countersink.

Anything else you were sure to do or wish you did when you mader your table?

I have heard good things about the tracks from Lee Valley (www.leevalley.com). I’m in the process of going that route (converting my lots-of-holes wasteboard into T-tracks) and an strongly considering them. Depending on shipping cost, Amazon may be better, or may be worse, depending where you are located.

@Chaplain4Jesus I used these from Amazon, got 36" and cut them off to the 30ish I needed. CLICK

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I got mine from Lee Valley (long with t-track bolts which they have a selection of lengths).

Very happy with them.


Right in the middle of the US in Oklahoma! At least for now, will be moving to AZ in a few months.

I installed T tracks and I am not sure when I need to replace the wasteboard I should leave them out and just use MDF cut to bed size. I am finding that material less than 1/2 thick holds fine with tape and over 1/2 screws and tabs work fine.

@Mickus hot glue holds everything and is way cheap. Just my opinion. I did buy an assload of hot glue sticks.

I used t tracks for the firt time today. I have been working on a sign to hang in my shop and the other day decided to cut it out, 24 circle and put a cove round the edge. Then I thought why did I do that as its going on the mill. So I was left with few options for mounting and clamping seemed the best. Though I still prefer the 4 screw method. Have not tried the glue gun way yet.

@Mickus The blue box store has hot glue guns for about $12. The glue did not stick to glass for a diamond drag project so I had to build it up over the edge a little.

Rick@RickW I bought me some glue sticks, already had gun so I am ready to give it a try. Need to give the laser a rest I am wearing it out!

Orange box store usually has these in stock for about half price, just not listed on the website… Cut your glue bead with an x-acto to remove the part and strip the glue off of the spoil board with the stanley. Quick and easy and works like a charm. If the bit hits the glue, no big deal.

Rick tried the glue gun method worked fine and clean up was easy though I still like the 4 screw method. I think both are better than clamps as there is nothing in the way of the router when it is traversing around.

@Mickus Yep, glue or screws are better than clamps. So far, haven’t broken anything with the glue. The glue is very strong except on glass.