Where to buy wooden plaques? or do you make your own?

Hello everyone! I am yet to receive my Longmill but am planning ahead. I am a newbie for wood-working and will be needing a lot of help. I was just wondering where to buy reliable quality wood for your projects. I am thinking of doing some home decor and wall hangings to begin with (V-carving and 3D relief) 18in x 18in max upto about 1 inch thick.
Thanks in advance!

I use Home Depot or Lowes. Both have a decent selection. Don’t rule out scrap wood from home demos friends may have done.

Would Homedepot custom cut my sizes?

Both will cut down a larger piece of lumber if you ask. No custom shapes - use the longmill for that.

I have been getting 8ft x 12in pine cut down to 2ft pieces.

Thank you so much! I’ll try Home depot as there is no Lowes in my city.

One of the unsung heroes are old pallets. Rip them arat and clean them up. Great source

Thanks! I’ll give that a try as well.