Which Lens To Use (Make Engrave Darker, but not Deeper)?

Hi All,

I’m making a largish sign for a customer (16"x6") with some script text. Using Lightburn I’ve tested a bunch of different settings (speed, power, lpi) and can’t seem to come up with a satisfactory result…they’re either too light, too deep, or have the lines visibly showing. Currently I’m using the 3E lens, but wondering if maybe one of the other ones will give better results? Basically I want a dark, but not deep engrave. Oddly enough, when I run a test file (the one from Bucky’s Customs) I can get the exact results I’m looking for.

Perhaps I should try another lens? I’m curious if anyone has run into this before. I should say that I’ve not done many laser projects yet, so I’m definitely still learning.