Will I be able to run my current gcode files generated in Artcam on a Longmill CNC?

I currently use Mach 3 software. I am very interested in the MK2 48 X 30 but need to know if my relief files will work. Thanks for any help you could provide!

as long s yourpostprocessor is grbl, yep.
You will need to recalculate with the correct PP…

Thanks Rick. Someone asked a similar question to mine on a Shapeoko board. The reply there was : “Using the post processor output Mach3_4(inch)(*.TAP) format feeding into Universal GCODE Sender worked like a charm for the ShapeOko3.” So I’m hoping I could use the same for a Longmill. I’m surprised no one else seems to have had this problem when they first bought a new CNC., but had previous gcode files pre GRBL. ArtCam was a popular program for designing and creating gcode before it was discontinued.

@tigerpaw that’s a lot of steps that you don’t really need. Always recalculate…
Previous gcode files =don’t use them
You will need to use your pp for your current setup

Hi @RickW , I am also in this same boat of having ArtCAM full license with years of projects and reliefs created (like @tigerpaw who maybe is using ArtCAM?) and would love to hear from someone who is currently using it and the included PP to run programs successfully on the LongMIll MK2:)
Any ArtCAM buddies that can share experience?

@Betzy Hey Nathan, welcome!
Your years of projects are safe. Just need to export (recalculate) the gcode in grbl for the Longmill.
Do you have a grbl pp?
If you don’t, we know a lot of smart people that can make it work.

@RickW Howdy sir, well that’s great news! Makes Thursday feel like Friday:)
I read a post online that said to use either this one:
Mach3 EZ router Boss 5x8 arcs ATC(inch)
Both of these are in the dropdown in ArtCAM as PP, does that sound correct??

@Betzy @tigerpaw ,
Hey guys,
I have not used Artcam, doesn’t really sound correct unless that is a workaround in Artcam. Looks like the Auto turds aquired that software, so guessing it was discontinued due to F360. Do you have a pp in the dropdown that is just grbl inch or grbl mm? The Longmill and gSender work perfectly with those. I did quit using UGS. gSender is better IMHO
ATC is automatic tool change and I wouldn’t try anything with Mach in the file name for the Longmill controller without taking the bit out and trying a test run. Maybe oko works differently. gSender is free by the way and an easy learning curve. Same peeps make the Longmill and gSender…

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Thanks for the feedback RickW, sorry for the 20 day lapse in reply🤦🏻‍♂️
I’m going to try and export a couple simple ArtCam tool paths to a good friend who has a LMK and hope for a positive result…will keep you posted if I need help from those “smart people” here :nerd_face: thanks again.
Moved some base cabinets around the shop today, new spot picked out for my LMK2 when it shows up :call_me_hand:t4:

@Betzy Did you get the positive results you were hoping for, Nathan?

@gwilki Thanks for the follow up :+1: I just got the LMK2 assembled and first jogs alive:) I’m going to run an ArtCam test today and let you all know results…lets hope
She’s alive;)

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SUCCESS :slight_smile: Looks like the Mach3-4inch PP works, this was just a free pass above the materials and not router cutting…for those familiar who know what the LMK2 is suppose to sound like does this raise any alarms or does it sound like it should?? Thanks in advance if you reply and give me :+1:or :-1:


Mine sounds similar to this. I am using Mach3 to drive the Longmill MK2 EX.

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Happy Thursday RickW, and any other awesome peeps being this:)
Well Good news bad news, good news is I was able to run a few test files using the “Mach3_4(inch)(*.TAP)” PP it seemed weird that the Z depth wasn’t synching up but I compensated and was able to manage.
Bad news, I think I am having the “Workspace is changing when a job is run” issue now, just tried running a repeat job and it ran way off course and right into my screw holding down the material​:weary: there goes brand new 1/4" down spiral bit​:persevere:would have rather bought a bottle of :tumbler_glass:with that $60.

You mentioned here we may have access to some smarty folks who could help make ArtCam work?? From this page

“If your g-code includes any workspace commands from G54 to G59, G59.1 to G59.3, or has an M2 command at the end of the program this will alter your selected workspace either to the one specified or revert it to G54.”

I’ll try this Start/Stop Gcode patch in the meantime and see if I can get this job done…gotta love how stuff like this happens when we have a deadline lol🤦🏻‍♂️

Yep, that M2 command chaps my ass so I made a custom PP with no M2
Always keep an eye on the current workspace or you may break stuff…

Sorry I’m a simple man here, you mean custom PP for use with ArtCAM??

The custom PP I tweaked is for Vectric

Hey @gwilki sorry for long reply, yes had some normal first time glitches that had to get ironed out, mostly me getting used to the Gsender method and making sure to Zero everything every time. And the helpful patch for gcode on each new file load worked just great so far :nerd_face:

Here’s the maiden project I’m running on the LMK2

So far ArtCam is working just great using the **“Mach3_4(inch)(*.TAP) pp

Ok got it, seems like “Mach3_4(inch)(*.TAP)” is doing the job from ArtCam side. At least there is no rush to get a custom PP written up yet…thanks for your input and feedback :+1:

Hey fellow Sienci rs, I’ve been having fun with my LMK2 the last few months.
All my current ArtCam files are running no problem👍🏼 that’s the good news.

I’m still not able to import dxf or other image files into ArtCam because I don’t have 2015 Delcam exchange 32 bit version🤦🏻‍♂️
Any of you pros have tips or location to find a copy of this??
I’m ok to pay something if it means it will work…