Will I be able to run my current gcode files generated in Artcam on a Longmill CNC?

I currently use Mach 3 software. I am very interested in the MK2 48 X 30 but need to know if my relief files will work. Thanks for any help you could provide!

as long s yourpostprocessor is grbl, yep.
You will need to recalculate with the correct PP…

Thanks Rick. Someone asked a similar question to mine on a Shapeoko board. The reply there was : “Using the post processor output Mach3_4(inch)(*.TAP) format feeding into Universal GCODE Sender worked like a charm for the ShapeOko3.” So I’m hoping I could use the same for a Longmill. I’m surprised no one else seems to have had this problem when they first bought a new CNC., but had previous gcode files pre GRBL. ArtCam was a popular program for designing and creating gcode before it was discontinued.

@tigerpaw that’s a lot of steps that you don’t really need. Always recalculate…
Previous gcode files =don’t use them
You will need to use your pp for your current setup

Hi @RickW , I am also in this same boat of having ArtCAM full license with years of projects and reliefs created (like @tigerpaw who maybe is using ArtCAM?) and would love to hear from someone who is currently using it and the included PP to run programs successfully on the LongMIll MK2:)
Any ArtCAM buddies that can share experience?

@Betzy Hey Nathan, welcome!
Your years of projects are safe. Just need to export (recalculate) the gcode in grbl for the Longmill.
Do you have a grbl pp?
If you don’t, we know a lot of smart people that can make it work.

@RickW Howdy sir, well that’s great news! Makes Thursday feel like Friday:)
I read a post online that said to use either this one:
Mach3 EZ router Boss 5x8 arcs ATC(inch)
Both of these are in the dropdown in ArtCAM as PP, does that sound correct??

@Betzy @tigerpaw ,
Hey guys,
I have not used Artcam, doesn’t really sound correct unless that is a workaround in Artcam. Looks like the Auto turds aquired that software, so guessing it was discontinued due to F360. Do you have a pp in the dropdown that is just grbl inch or grbl mm? The Longmill and gSender work perfectly with those. I did quit using UGS. gSender is better IMHO
ATC is automatic tool change and I wouldn’t try anything with Mach in the file name for the Longmill controller without taking the bit out and trying a test run. Maybe oko works differently. gSender is free by the way and an easy learning curve. Same peeps make the Longmill and gSender…