Windows Menu's Issue

I noted in Version 2 of the beta , the File section was missing, and Chris mentioned it would be going away.

I like the menu options, for simple things like File-> Open, File - > Close, File → Exit …

much like the examples you sited in the video, that commonly used features will be on the UI, and lesser features would be in the settings. I have to agree with that comment, but I think it applies to lesser functionality.

I noticed that in G-Sender, there is no Ability to close a open file.

Today in Aspire, I exported 3 different tool paths, but I guess I didnt notice it was exporting the same toolpath 3 times.

I noticed they were the same file size, so I immediately realized it was an issue, so I opened one file, and saw the gcode, but I opened the second file, and it was the same thing. but I wasnt 100% sure, so I wanted to Close the file before opening the next one.

unable to do so, I closed the App, and re-opened it. and proved my point. but it was much slower. I could have looked at the open file name, but I am no ready to trust this app, its still too new.

I summited this issue through the issue through the feedback link, but this was getting too long winded, and Google erased the text box because I am trigger happy with the Esc button.

This is a re-submit. just in case.



Received your comment on this Stephen, thanks for the feedback. I have an idea that we’ll be trying out on this to get file loading and unloading working more seamlessly

I have a question.

Is it expected that this application should work on shortcuts only?

Something I learned at Microsoft years back when they brought us in to do work.

They unplugged the developer s mouse and said to code like someone doesn’t have a mouse.

The product became much more user friendly.

It really depends on what your expectations are though.

Try it. You will see some really interesting behaviour

ok, This menu thing for me is REALLY fast becoming a challenge.

I cant speak for everyone obviously, but if you develop a windows app, I kind of expect Basic windows functionality.

I understand its beta. so I am not Complaining, rather I would call it whining.

As someone who has been using Windows for the better part of 30 years, I expect certain things to be there.

I am trying o report a bug, and I figured, I can get the version number at Help - About.

nope, no help about. yes its on the screen in the title bar, and it might be elsewhere, but I think most people expect it too be in help.
its also a good place for you guys to have your license agreement too, Open source or Trade mark.

anyway, its bug logging time :slight_smile: