Windows XP doesn't recognize USB device

Hey, trying to run UGS on an older XP touch screen but as soon as I plug in the USB cable from LM, XP can’t find the driver for it. I get it to work on an old PC with XP installed but it’s not the machine I want to use. Any help appreciated!

@twallen Is the touch screen running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition? If not, what version of XP is it running?

It’s running windows xp pro, sp3

@twallen If you search on arduino uno drivers for windows xp you will get several sites that provide drivers. I can’t recommend any as I am not running windows xp.

Is your tablet talking to the internet when you say that it cannot find drivers, or is it only looking on a local drive? I can understand why you may not want it connected so downloading and installing with a USB stick may be the way to go.

I gave up on XP and installed Windows 7 on the tablet. All went well until I tried to connect to the LM. It sees 3 ports and says it connects to two of them but doesn’t work. Next step was to try Window’s 10 and everything works perfectly. Only problem is the tablet runs slower than a 1 legged dog on tranquilizers. Maybe will try XP or 7 again with the arduino uno drivers at a later date. Thanks for the help!

@twallen It’s your call on what OS you want to use, Terry. There are a couple of things that you can look at though. When you say that the LM sees two of the 3 com ports, but they don’t work, what happens? In windows 7 device manager, what port shows as being your LM? When you connect UGS to that port, what happens? Remember, you need to change the XY jog increment from the default 1mm/min to something like 1000mm/min to see any movement.

Windows 10 should be able to run as fast or faster than windows 7. You simply need to stop a lot of the crap from running. Since windows 7 is quite a security risk, you would be well advised to stay with 10 and clean it up. Obviously, if you are not connecting the tablet to internet, you can run pretty much any OS.