Wire coming from laser kitting fan for laser

My laser module has a bit of a problem . Works fine mostly if the wire coming out it the laser area doesn’t get bumped or moved. This means I can’t use the air assist.
Does any one else have this problem , is there supposed to be a grommet or a piece of rubber to hold it in place?
It hits the fan and stops the fan if it gets moved at all.
Any suggestions?
I have emailed twice now and have got zero response.
Is this common?

I just ordered a new air fan assembly because both wires broke off at the solder joint on the board. I will eventually repair the broken one when I rig up some sort of magnifier so I can see what I am doing. The wires are supposed to be held in place by the jacket being held in place by a clip that is integrated into the housing. I taped the leser and cooling fan wires down.

Thanks for your info, I did get a hold of Ikena and he has a solution so I will hold off and see if that solves the issue