Wolf head in mahogany

I bought this as an stl file online. It’s my first attempt at a sliced project in VCarvePro.

Material is mahogany. Final size is 5" in X, 6" in Y and 5" Z. It’s made of up 5 x 1" slices, put together with dowels and glue. I used a 1/8" down cut bit for roughing and a 1/4" tapered ball nose, with a 1/32" tip for finishing. Total time was just under 2 hours, running quite conservatively.

Finish is rattle can lacquer.

All criticisms are welcome. :grinning:


That’s really awesome!!!

That is very cool. Love it.

Be proud of your accomplishment! Looks very nice!

That’s amazing Grant. Nice finish work too, you would never know it was sliced.

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Thanks to you all. I think that the rattle can is mislabelled as satin, which is the finish that I prefer. If it were a keeper, I would knock it back with some fine steel wool.