Wood and Using twisted Lumber

Here is a good guide on how to take the twist out of a board with little hassle. Yes you can use this same idea on your longmill.


What a great idea. I have a whole pile of boards I can use this on!



Your very welcome! Glad you can use it.

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Yep, used that same method on the Longmill with a 1" surfacing bit, works great on shorter boards but does take longer.

Yes but if you don’t have a planer not much you can do.

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I use hot glue exclusively for holding down material on the MDF spoil board and have used your method with wedges a few times on shorter material. The planer is about 3 feet from the Longmill and is reserved for longer stuff.
The Stanley scraper takes the glue off of the spoil board quick and easy and uses standard utility knife blades. The orange box store carries them and also on Amazon.

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Very nice good idea on the scraper too.

You can use your longmill as a planer.
Setup that board exactly the same as shown in the video on your wasteboard with wedges under it to keep it steady.
When the entire surface is flattened, turn it over without wedges and flatten the other side.

I did the same thing with a handheld router, 2 pieces of L-shaped aluminum which were tied to my workbench and a sled over it on which my router could slide.
Took me a while to flatten both sides of 14 boards of 20cm x 80cm and got a bucket of 70 liters filled with chips after I was done.