Writeup on my Longmill build & customizations

Hey everyone!

I figured I should share this here as well (I originally posted to FB) but we did a write-up on our Longmill 30x30 build. If you need help building your table we have 3D models shared of our table build, and also some custom 3D printed parts for the controller box to make it mountable on a wall (or in our case, the side of the table).


This Smart House: The Sienci LongMill 30″x30″ – Our First CNC Router


Thanks for this, much appreciated!


Awesome write up.

I now have an excuse to buy a new Rpi 4.

The world is full of these excuses. That probably explains why I have a box with a few Pi 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. Finishing those projects/excuses is a different matter. But it does make me feel good to have them there “just in case”. :slight_smile: The Pi4 does seem a bit more finicky and has cooling etc. needs as well the software still doesn’t seem fully baked for somethings, but no doubt that will keep improving every week.


I’m in the same boat. Rpi 2’s and 3’s kicking about. Hoping to CNC
some more benchtop arcade units and get rid of them. :wink: lol