X axis loud sound

New guy here. Setting up the 48x30. The x axis has a terrible sound when it gets half way. Only happens moving to the right. Sounds find moving left. Not seeing any burs or anything on the screw. Thoughts?

If you are all squared up, I guess the antibacklash nut is too tight. Back it out a little at a time, repeating the movement in the video after each adjustment. About a 1/4 turn for each adjustment. Hopefully, it will start to sound smoother.

Thanks for your suggestions and I looked at those. I found the sound was coming from the bearing rubbing against the y-axis. I took off the bearing and nut, and reassembled. A little better now.

Fwiw - my machine was not provided the brass nuts the instructions had. I am assuming they had an update in parts. Ive been experimenting with what side should face inwards.