X axis Mirror screw direction

I am assembling my MK2 Longmill and running the wires to the right and not left side of the machine.

Maybe I missed the mirror section in the instructions.

I moved the X stepper to the right side (trust that was the right thing to do). Wondering before I get too far into the assembly whether I need to take the long X screw out and turn it 180 degrees? Speculating that the stepper turning the screw might be backwards and move left command might move it right???

Assembling is coming along. Hardest part so far was getting those brass bolts to go onto the long screws - lots of burr inside the bolt to be filed out. On now.

I mounted my controls on the right side. Like you I put the X motor on the right side and yes
it will move backwards. This can be corrected in the firmware under step direction invert.

Good to know this can be easily corrected. Wondering whether it was worth pulling the screw out to reverse direction, but if this is just a setting change in the set up i’m good with that.


@FortKentDad A belated welcome to the group, David.

As you have already seen, help is usually quick in coming. Just FYI, reversing the lead screw will not change anything. @_Michael solution is the way to go.

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