X-axis problem with 48x30?

Just starting my new project on the 48x30 long Mill. Iโ€™m having issues with X axis
Runs fine up to about 4โ€ left side and stalls , and then will stall approx 12โ€ on right side.
All wheels turn as directions- this is my second long mill - have checks backlash
Not tight
Thank you

I had a similar issue with mine upon assembly. It turned out to be the anti backlash nuts were not seated properly. Try backing off the screws completely, youโ€™ll have a lot of slop but it should move freely without hanging up. Then slowly tighten screws a little bit at a time. Eventually it will seat into place. I manually ran the x axis back and forth a few times until it was smooth.

I did play with it a little - seemed to help a little - I will loosen up more and run back and forth.
Thank you

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This can be an issue with delrin lead nuts. They are very sensitive to adjustment and wear-in. I had a similar problem on my genmitsu machine. Seems to be fine now.

I did loosen the screws, and this did help on the left side. I can traverse -
Rapid, normal and precise anywhere except 8โ€or less to the right end where it sometimes goes all the way in Rapid or normal but sometimes
Gets hung up and wonโ€™t move unless I push with my hand. Trying to use
Precise setting will move (maybe) but stop either left or right on this far
Right side. I did this back and forth for about 45mins

Are you able to turn the x-axis lead screw by hand fairly easily? Make sure the bolt that crosses the gap in the anti-backlash nut is also backed off (I had to back mine out quite a bit and re-adjust).