X motor coupling not locking on shaft

Hello: I have the 48x30 and after putting it together the X axis wasn’t moving on inspection the motor is turning but the coupler is not gripping it? Any idea if I did something wrong

Have you made sure that the threaded rod is into the coupler far enough for the set screw to engage with it? It is possible, I think, for the coupler to be too close to the motor and thus not have enough room for the rod to go in far enough.

That’s all I can think of…

Disregard my last post. The coupler, at least on the original LongMill doesn’t have set screws, I must have been thinking of my first cnc machine. Anyway the principle is the same, make sure the motor shaft is not more than halfway into the coupler and that both screws on the coupler are tight. If the motor shaft is turning and the threaded rod is not then the problem has to be in the coupler connection to either the shaft or the rod.

I know that the coupler is attached to the lead screw, but the screw for the motor shaft is tight but not gripping shaft. Wonder if its the coupler. guess I’ll have to take motor off and check the coupler dia.

Looking at the instructions it should be a 6.35 to 8mm coupler, is it backwards?

Edit: Further reading and I guess it’s not a 6.35 to 8mm coupler for the 48" machine. They just say EX coupler. They must have increased the size of the lead screw for the 48" LongMill. Sorry if I have not been much help. Welcome to the forum in any case and I hope you enjoy your LongMill after you get it sorted.