Y Axis Alignment problem

Has anyone had issues with the y axis alignment? I have done it 3 times now and each time if finishes about 1/2" forward of the centre line (towards the front of the machine). It probes down from the top, in from the back and then back from the front. Then one more time from top down but at the same point where it stopped in the third probing. The mounting video shows that it completes the third probe then does the last top down at the centre of the headstock.

@Coach_B I’ve not had this problem, but can you let us know if you have the limit switch attached and activated? I don’t, so my set up may be different from yours.

I do have the limit switch but it is not plugged in as of right now. I have not even gotten to switching over to the rotary mode in gsender as of yet so I wouldn’t have thought that would be an issue but, stranger things do occur.

@Coach_B No, Bruce, I expect you are right. I was simply trying to get as much info on the board as possible. :grinning:

I suggest that you open a support ticket with Sienci. The Vortex is new enough that there is not a lot of experience among users yet.

In the meantime, you may want to uninstall Edge and re-install. Version 1.3.4 is the most recent.

Please report back when you get a solution.

Thanks Grant for the update suggestion, it worked, but then brought up a new problem. After uninstalling edge and then installing the latest version I was able to do the y axis alignment properly but when I switched it over to rotary my screen went black. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but whenever I open edge I get the same black screen. The regular gsender works fine but not edge.

Hopefully I can figure something out this weekend.

@Coach_B Glad I could help. :upside_down_face: Not really, right?

I’m sure that the Sienci team can help you. I think that I’ve done enough damage for one day. :grinning:

Make sure you have grbl (not the other choice) when you connect to your machine. I somehow had selected H-grbl and had similar issues to what you are describing.

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