Y axis delrin wheels

I’m concerned that I am wearing out my welcome, but here goes again.

I’ve read and re-read the instructions and posts here on how tight the delrin wheels should be. On the X axis, all seems to be well. But, on the Y, I seem to have a problem. I am setting the wheels so that I can barely turn them by hand. I make sure that I lift up a bit on the X gantry to take all the weight off them so that I know that the amount of tightness is all based on the position of the off-centre nuts.

When I first set the machine up, I am guessing that one side was too tight, as the machine pulled the X gantry out of square, then stalled. I removed the drive screws, re-set everything, and managed to get a small project completed.

I am still concerned that the wheels are a bit tight, judging only by the sound of the Y axis movement, so I tried slacking them off a bit, but when I did this, the bottom wheels hit the two centre mounting feet.

Is there some magic to all this, or am I simply over complicating a simple issue?

I can only say how I set mine - I didn’t read that you were supposed to take the weight off of them, I just adjusted them with the full gantry weight on the wheels. in theory it shouldn’t matter too much.I tightened them up so you could just barely spin them by hand.

my machine got out of whack like yours once, I had not checked all my cabling, and had a loose connector, so the one y motor was loosing steps.

After you tighten the wheels run the gantry al the way back to the rear stops at the back, and let the motors go a few steps past to make sure the gantry is aligned. you could then run it like -500mm in Y and then +500 mm in Y to make sure it ends up at the exit same spot.

It impossible to loose steps when cutting - The machine is rigid but I ran the dust show into a clamp knob, it moved the clamp put was 1/4" out in X. Saw the cut was not lining up and canceled the job.

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