Y axis with a roller question

I have a Ortur Rotary Roller YRR2.0 and I have a couple of questions that I hope people here can help with.

One. Will it work with a MK2?

Two. If it will work does anyone know the wiring configurations from the roller input to the MK2 controller y output? They have different types of plugs so I would need to wire it to a plug that is compatible with the LongMill controller.

Don’t know if this will help but I just wired up a roller to my MK1. I had to make a cable
to go from either the X or one of the Y connectors depending on how I orientate the
roller. I had an old PC power supply and the 4pin connector that went to the graphics
card was the connector I needed. I don’t know if the plugs on the MK2 are different though.

EDIT : After some googling I believe the longmill MK1 uses a 4pin ATX connector
like this one.

Thank you Michael. That is the plug that goes to the motor. What is was thinking of doing was unplugging the Y motor from the control board and ordering a plug from Sienci Labs and going from the roller right to the controller Y out. If that would work where might I find the appropriate pin connections from?

Now I understand. I think you need this one then. It looks right
and says 5mm pitch which is what my plugs measure. Lots of them on amazon 4 pin
phoenix connector.

Don’t forget to unplug both Y axis motors. :wink:

That is the plug Michael, ty and I will remember to unplug both Y axis motors.

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