Z-axis movement

Having trouble with my Z-Axis testing. During assembly, there was easy movement up and down the slides. Now while mounted, the motors “grind” as they did when moving the Y-axis to its limits. The router will move up and down by hand rotation, but will not move by jogging and seems more difficult o slide by hand.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

OK, I figured it out! I started off with RTFM…(Read The Friggin Manual) and after re-adjusting ALL of the nuts and bolts, I went to an Engineering to Layman’s English dictionary to find out the true meaning of “tight, but not TOO tight” and “loose, but not TOO loose” and while I was scratching my head interpreting those instructions I poked around at the connections, first at the XZ-Motor control. I followed that back to the Longboard Control Box and lo and behold, there it was! One of the lead wires had become loose in its plug. Situation resolved.

Moral of the story, when Andy says to check ALL of the connections for firm and tightness, do it! (But not TOO tight and not TOO firm)



I did something very similar, I was moving the router cable to the other side of the gantry, and accidentally loosened the Z axis cable from the motor. It would run up and down randomly - but luckily I caught it pretty quick.

glad you got it sorted out!

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