Z height mods....?

Hey guys! Im thinking of building a Longmill.

I have a bunch of aluminium machining to do, but I need about 12" of Z clearance. Id thought Icould increase the height of the feet and of the X gantry brackets. Has anyone already done this, and could comment on the rigidity?

I tried to open the stl files to mod them, but they dont open correctly. Any ideas?


Koos, I raised mine to get extra eight by putting additional 3/4" MDF spacers under the feet. There’s no reason you couldn’t add more, but remember that the total vertical travel of the router will still only be 4". If you only need to machine the top 4" of your 12" stock, you’re in.


Thats the thing,l Id need to still be able to get right down t the bed still. Guess Ill have to redesign the whole Z carriage too.

OK, it took an ebarrassingly long time, but I figured out the problem with the STL files being odd in Cura. Thefiles are in inches but Cura is in MM… DOH!!

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