Z Linear Guides Coming Loose

After using my Longmill for awhile, I notice I could move my Router down with my hand. Then I notice one of the Linear bearing mount screws coming loose.
Since the X/Z mount comes preassembled and the installation guide didn’t say to check torque on the assembly screws I didn’t, so I can’t say for sure it they were tight to begin with.
So, since one was loose I checked as many as I could get to and found that all of the bearing and rail mount screws were all loose. Unfortunately you have to remove the X/Z assembly in order to retorque them, which is what I did. Even though the screws use lock washers, I removed them first and installed with locktite to help insure they stay tight.
You don’t have to remove the X rail to get it off, after taking the router off you only need to remove the upper V rollers and it comes right off.
This gives you a chance to check them (as well as the Backlash tensioners) and reset the v-wheel tension on re-installation.

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