Z stutters when set to 1" drop

Hey guys, i found a slight problem with my Z axis while lowering. I’m finding (in Easel) i can set XY and Z to 1" increments but when i move my Z down i get almost like a motor binding and stutter while dropping. its random at what point it stutters. It may start off stuttering and then complete the last 3/4" drop. I thought it might be a belt slipping but its not. X/Y will move 10" with 10 clicks of the mouse but as soon as i go down 1" it stutters. Going up is flawless. re tightened all wheels and checked connections. i want to say if the Z plunge speed was reduced it wouldn’t stutter but not sure how to set that while positioning the machine around the workspace. any suggestions on how to lower the Z movement speed not during a carve. might be easel issue too but this is a new in general i haven’t had before… thanks for the help in advanced!
Could the z gantry be binding on the rails? How to check that, I’m not sure

issue was with the z motor output. I swapped the motors and the issue stayed with that output. I swapped the wiring harness and the issue stayed with the output. I found some signs of heat damage on the controller card. Lucky me, I had a spare card and once installed, the machine was running smooth like butter again.

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