Zero Confirm and Macro Confirm

I know this topic has been raised but the two things I would love to see added to GSENDER are confirmations for both macros and zero. I saw a thread that indicated that this was not going to be changed because they did not want to add more clicks. Ok I get that but for those of us who would rather protect our locations then just default to no clicks and put a check box in the settings if someone wants to turn on confirmation for zero. The same for executing a macro … a lot of my macros move the machine and if I should hit the wrong one I want to be able to cancel . I have gotten around this one by adding a tool change into all macros but it seems like the software could present a more elegant solution.

@mzrgd4 Welcome to the group, Jeff.

I’ve moved your suggestion to the gSender Suggestion topic. The Sienci gSender developers closely monitor this topic and I’m sure that they will look into your idea.

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