ZZ vs. 2RS flange bearings

Hi all,
just wondered why the flange bearings are of type ZZ instead of 2RS.

As I know, one uses:

  • open ones, if having high rpm but absolutely no dust
  • 2RS, if low rpm (up to 3000) but dust
  • ZZ somewhere in between

Currently, there is no problem with mine - all bearings work smoothly, but I think the ZZ type has potential to break. The steppers rpm are low, so why not use type 2RS?

Comments are appreciated.

Cheers Jannik

Hi Jannik,

You are correct, the 2RS would probably be a better choice overall. The choice mostly just comes from ease of sourcing, availability, and cost.

As far as I have seen the ZZ type bearings have shown to be functioning fine in the general use of the part, but if I can get 2RS bearings in the future, I will try to use them for future iterations.



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