1.2.1 error 24 bug

Attached is a screenshot of the issue. I know others reported this in 1.2 0, but I didn’t test it in that version.

I can repeat this error on any file. The trigger is to increase or decrease the feed rate. Having done that, the code will run for several seconds, then it will throw the codes but will run for another couple of seconds at a very low feed rate until it pauses. Closing the error pop ups and clicking on resume will allow the project to run to finish.

I was hitting this today regularly…I didn’t tie it back to the feed rate increase! Thanks for pointing that out !

Been hitting it all morning myself! Didnt connect the dots from the error to the feed rate increase until i saw this… absolutely what it was! Already messed up 1 piece this morning. Guess its time to revert to previous version for the second time this week

@Diggity I didn’t mess up any projects. In every case, I simply closed the pop-up error windows, and hit resume. Since you have had a different experience, please explain in this thread what happened to mess up your projects. That way, the Sienci gurus will have a full picture of the issue.

oh it was totally the way i handled it that messed up the board. Had i known just hitting resume would have kept it rolling, it wouldve been fine. That was totally my fault. i havent had any errors before in the 3 years of running my longmill so i handled it wrongly.

@Diggity Tks much for clearing that up. Too bad about the wasted wood. :frowning_face:

this error has rendered my 30x30 mk1 unusable. yes it is directly tied to the feed rate, but not specifically caused by changing it. changing feedrate while its in motion trips the bug, but it can also happen if left untouched. It has destryed $200 of wood I was tileing. this is just unacceptable. also on the spoil board resurfacing built into gsender it errors and completly misses a C shape of the square about the middle. wow just wow. how this get tested a year and these problems occure and it got released?

I can make it happen every time. If I increase the feed I can get a error24 invalid g code ID 24. If I leave it alone it finishes no problem. Ver 1.2.1 I had no problems with older versions.

@iang Welcome to the group, Ian. I’ve moved your post to another topic, where this error has been reported already. Sienci is working on it. Thank you for adding your input.

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I have the the same issue.
Increase or decrease feedrate causes error 24

Hi. You mentioned rolling back to a previous version. I haven’t ran a project since the upgrade so don’t no if I’ll have the problem. But just in case, can you point me to how do you go back to a previous version?

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@tim Check out this post for installing a previous version of gSender.