1.4.1-1.4.3 fixed sensor tool change

The Fixed Sensor tool change has a serious bug.
Set all axis zeros.
Run a simple two circle file with an M6 tool change.
File has a DOC of 0.060" with the tool having a depth set at 0.030"
Gets to the tool change and calls up the wizard.
Probes initial tool.
Probes new tool.
Continue cut and plunges about 8mm too deep into work.
Run the same file with tool change set to Pause.
Set all axis to zero.
Run Initial Tool macro.
Run the file.
Gets to tool change and pauses.
Change tool and run New Tool macro.
Continue cut, plunges to correct depth.
This has been an issue since the inception of the Fixed Sensor tool change option.

This is a known issue. I’m using my macro until it is fixed.
See- [Version 1.4.1 - Tool Change Length Calculation Error]

We’ll be looking at this for the next release.

This should be fixed in the next release.