2.2 spindle help needed

I have a 30x30 and a spindle 2.2 problem is its works but its too heavy. Need a mod stonger motor or ? I got a dust boot but 8 cannot us it. You have to keep the band vary tight to get to work, i get throw belt very often. Is easy for me to get them from amazon as i live in cypus. I could get the 48 conversion but i wouldn’t us it and it extensive with the post any idea Welcombe contacted sienci 3 time but no reply malcolm

Here’s a link to the Longmill facebook page were a guy used springs to help with the weight, the 2.2 is around 12# vs. the 1.5 which is about 8.5#'s. It’s down the page. Maybe this will help!

@G7esp If you have not done so already, you may find that setting $1=255 may help. This will keep the motors energized at all times. A disadvantage is that the motors will run hotter than under the default setting.

I don’t quite understand your comment about throwing belts. Since you mention it with the dust shoe you are using, I am thinking that it has something to do with that. Otherwise, if you LM is the Mk1 version, the only belt is the small Z axis belt. Can you explain a bit more about your problem?

Thank you i have a mk1 and got sweepy 2 dust boot try to us a laser but it did not
Work they will sell a mk2 zc mechanisms
As they do not make a plate but give the
measurements and i get one made. There is somebody added sping to it, but it finding them

@G7esp With respect, Malcolm, I believe we have a language difference, so I may not be completely understanding what you are trying to do, or what your problem is.

  1. The Mk1 will take pretty much any of the diode laser modules on the market. Each will mount somewhat differently, but that is just a matter of making a mounting bracket. I made mine from corian, and used the Mk1 t cut it out.

  2. I’m not sure why you want to convert to the Mk2 style Z gantry. If you are throwing belts on the Mk1, I suggest that you have something installed incorrectly. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Mk1 design that causes it to throw belts. If you can, post a pic of your installation.

  3. Before adding springs, I suggest that you change the $1 setting to 255. That may well address your weight issue. One issue with springs is that, as they extend, the recoil that they exert gets greater. You may find that what works at one Z height is too strong at another. Check out counterweights instread if the $1=255 fix does not solve your problem.