30x30 cutting dimensions

what is the actual biggest sign the 30x30 can cut? Maybe a stupid question but the website shows max 12 inches by 33 inches which seems wierd to me.

30 inches wide (X) if no Sienci dust shoe. About 28 inches with dust shoe. Length (Y) can be anything if you use indexing otherwise about 30 inches. If you use tiling as big as you want in 30x30 pieces of material then assembled.

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Thanks a bunch the main website was confusing to me but then again that doesn’t take much lol.

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HI there, it’s actually a bit bigger than that. The Sienci guys are modest but have added a detailed drawing showing the various dimensions to their documentation.

Here is the image:

I found it here: https://sienci.com/dmx-longmill/table-mounting/ and then scroll through the Machine Dimensions sub section.

For those who don’t speak metric:

(Without the dust shoe installed):

X-Axis = 792.5mm / 31.2 Inches
Y-Axis = 845 mm / 33.5 (!) Inches

And, as @Heyward43 said, you can using tiling to cut longer projects in the Y axis direction. I just did my first one this week and cut something closer to 60" and it worked well.


Out of curiosity, are you just learning about the Longmill or cross shopping specifications? The Sienci guys are working hard to try and make the site more accessible to interested visitors so if you felt you couldn’t easily find what you were looking for and you can share that, I suspect they’ll improve the site to make it easier for the next time.


Nope this is the one we will buy.

I don’t believe you will be disappointed. The team is great and they are very responsive and I’m thoroughly enjoying the community here (small as it is - @chrismakesstuff please god try and get people off Facebook and over here!).



I’m trying my darndest Jeff :upside_down_face:

This info is on the ‘Size’ tab in the shop page for the LM. @Chyren I’m wondering if maybe we should change the name of the tab so you know that the info is there?


For me, as a first time buyer, bed size was pretty much the #1 thing you start looking for to whittle down your options. I didn’t know what some of the other stuff was. It’s easy to get buried in specs with this stuff, most of which is foreign to new buyers.

There are a variety of 30ish x 30ish machines out there so making it easier to see that with the Longmill you’re getting a bit more than you thought is a nice surprise and makes you it clear you are very competitive. It is also a subtle hat tip to your under promise and over deliver approach, which appeals to a lot of buyers.


Question: I’m going to purchase the 30x30 longmill, currently I’m building my work bench for the CNC and projects. What is the outer diameter. of the machine?
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