30x30 or 48x30 MK2

I’m ready to make a purchase but on the fence about getting a 30x30 or 48x30. Has anyone upgraded to a 48x30 or regretted not going with the larger bed size initially? My intention is start side business once I become proficient using the MK2.

Thanks :blush:


It’s highly unlikely you’ll find yourself wishing you had bought a smaller CNC…

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@FatSmeagol Hello! If you have the money to buy the 30x48, I would consider buying that. I have the 30x30 and haven’t run up against the wall yet, but not to say I may not in the future. It would be nice to set a half sheet of plywood on my CNC and let it do its magic. Go big my friend. Sienci is a great company and I have no regrets about purchasing a CNC machine from them!
Let us know what you decide upon.

I started with the 30x30 but i found that every time I purchased a 2’x4’ at the big box store I would have to cut off some material, so when they put the 30x48 extension kit I upgrade. I will tell you to go with the 30x48!

Thanks for the feedback! Definitely will be purchasing the 48x30.