32 day "Egyptian Chess Set" project with the longmill

I did this project without a rotary attachment!


Without the rotary, was this simply (hah) a two sided carve?

mhforbes, This was a 4 sided carve on each piece. Amazing that I was able to do that without a rotary system…

gwilki, I do not have a rotary system. All of the chess pieces were done as a 4 sided carve…

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@mike2 Show off. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I’ve done a few double-sided, but they are not in the same league as yours. Great stuff, Mike. Tks for letting me know.

I’ve deleted my irrelevant question.

I’m seeing some undercut parts. How did you handle those? Did you just plan those cuts to be side cuts?

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I think your work is first rate, sir! :saluting_face: I like the laser work you shared but this makes my :exploding_head: in awe!

I see from your bio that you have had your mill for quite some time now. It looks like you really have a handle on it now for sure.

I attempted a four sided carve early in my LongMill journey, bought mine in late 2021, but the alignment was horrible. Now I think I can do two sided carves pretty well and seeing your work is encouraging. Maybe it’s time for me to try four sided again!?!

Thanks for posting your work, it really is awesome!

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So incredible @mike2, I can see how the details in the ears, arms, and the sides of the obelisks would definitely require carving from all 4 sides. Were the bases also all part of the same one piece or were those glued on after the fact?

Great alignment and thanks for sharing :smiley:

chrismakesstuff, The pieces are all 1 piece carved on all 4 sides. Thanks for the like. I really appreciate it…

Hello Michael, Thanks so much for the compliments. That really makes my day. I started my laser journey about 4 years ago with an Otur Laser Master 2. 15x15 was as big as I could do with it. But now I want to try something bigger as the longmill is the 30x30. I will keep you posted…

crookedwoodtex, I am not sure what you are referring to. Can you give me a little more info?

Well, the “chin” area on the “dog” piece seems to be curved “upward”, but it could be perspective in the photo. Undercuts are not possible in most CNC machining.

Perhaps, it would be more clear if you have a few photos of the sequence of your four cuts.

I suspect he’s running a cut on each of the 4 sides. Left, right, front, back if it’s the 3D cube in Fusion. Look at the rooks. The square obelisks made it easier for me to envision how he’s probably doing it.

So when cutting the dog from the left and right side, it’s not really an undercut from that perspective. It’s a curve like any other from that perspective.

Very cool no matter how he’s doing it.

CrookedWoodTex, The front and back are carved first and then the right side punches thru along with the left side thus getting under the chin. I have a video on my channel on you tube that shows some of the process. Just go to michael levine cnc to view all my videos there. Thanks for the question…

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CharlieMike, That is correct sir, Video at my youtube channel, michael levine cnc…

Hello Mike,

This is truly an epic piece of work. Simply astounding!!! Bravo!

dcrodwell, Well thankyou sir. Most fun project ever…

One more thing Mike,

On your photo of the Anubis Knight, I am pretty sure I spotted a guitar amplifier on the right edge of the photo. Kinda looked like a Fender. Then I spied a guitar case on the left.

I suffer from guitar fever…for the last 65 years!

David Rodwell
Winston Salem, NC

David Rodwell, Yep! I suffer from GAS lol. I used to make telecaster guitars in the past. I have several amps in the studio. Fender deluxe reverb, 2 supro’s, and a couple others lying around taking up space. A few guitars hanging on the walls. Terrible thing that GAS!! HA!!

thats just crazy awesome