3D Printed Longmill Part - Middle Rail Support


Hey All,

I was bored tonight at work and had a printer free up. So I downloaded
a part for the Longmill from their open source link


It’s great to have access to these files just in case of breakage.

I printed off the Middle Rail Support file. CR-10 0.2LH 20% Infill 3hrs

I now have something to hang onto until my machine arrives… lol


LOL A souvenir of what will be ha ha


The online files aren’t just great for replacements, but allow you the freedom to customize your machine.

I decided to re-print all the parts in fire engine red…just because.

Prusa MK3
50% infill, 5 perimeter layers
0.2 LH


Looks good!

@chrismakesstuff would you be able to share the infill rates etc with us for the stock parts?



@andy runs the slicing for the farm, he can certainly comment on the settings we use


Andy put up a post that goes over the settings now: https://sienci.com/2019/11/11/3d-printing-settings-for-longmill-parts/