3D Printer purchase advice

Morning Everybody. I realize that this may not be the right space to ask this question, but I have joined other groups and been inundated with information that didn’t help. I hope this amazing group of people has some insight that may help me.

I am looking to purchase a 3D Printer to enhance some of the things I have been making on my MK2. Mostly boardgame pieces and covers for storage etc. 200mm x 200mm bed size is likely enough and I think FDM is the way to go for me.

Can anyone provide their thoughts or experiences with types, brands, etc?


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This really isn’t an answer to anything, but I just bought a Ender 5 Plus (used). I know very little about the process of 3d printing. However I knew diddly about CNC before buying my Longmill a few years ago and have enjoyed the learning experience.

The Ender 5 plus was recommended by my son, who has been using his for over a year now. The things he has made range from silly and useless to clever and indispensable.

I guess my point really is that I (we) enjoy the learning process. Expanding my shops capabilities is a helpful bi product. And it makes my neighbors and friends green with envy when I add a new machine to my arsenal.

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This question is a bit hard to answer, but from what I am reading and thinking (as i do a lot of 3DPrinting). you may find 200mm may become too restrictive.

Do you what colour printing or are you ok printing in 1 colour?

If your looking for simple and easy set forget printing the Bambu Labs P1S is a good start as it has it own chamber and allows the colour printing or if you need cheaper option look at the Bambu Labs A1 (not the mini) it allows you to print in 4 colours and has a moving bed but very good printer. If colour is not your thing I would get Creality Ender-3 V3 KE. This is a fast printer and make great prints.

I hope this helps you out.

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Hello Philip, I have had two 3D printers and my step Dad has one as well.

My first one was an earlier model Geeetech A10M and it was okay for the price. The mixing of two colors was an interesting feature as you could change the ratio of the two colors while it was printing to get some interesting effects. It is definitely on the low end of what is available though.

My second and current printer is a Prusa i3 MK3S+ and I have added the Multi Material Upgrade (MMU3) so I can now print in up to five colors. It’s been a really nice printer for me but it is a little old, the MK4 is out now. The MK4 has better electronics and is faster because it has ‘input shaping’ which is something some newer printers have. It compensates for vibrations and allows faster print speeds as a result. I think Prusa is a nice brand.

My step Dad recently got a Bambu Lab P1S, with the AMS(4 colors), and it seems like a really nice printer. It has a lot of features that make it easier for those that are new to printing IMHO. It has ‘input shaping’ and is much faster than my Prusa. Bambu Lab also has their own slicing software, based on PrusaSlicer, that is nicely integrated into the whole printing process. They have their own model site called MakerWorld and you can easily open models from there right into BambuStudio, the slicer. The ecosystem has cloud integration, print from the cloud, view your printer anywhere you have internet access etc. It seems really nice to me but I have not used it directly, just seen it in use. So I think they are a nice brand trying to make 3D printer accessible to the masses, not just for geeks.

I recommend All3DP as a good place to learn. They have a new 2024 buyers guide that might be useful to you.

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