3D Printer Req for Recommendations

Hi All,

I’m noticing a lot of people are mixing some 3D printed magic with their Longmill and their shop projects. I was thinking of getting a 3D printer but had been holding off. Now that I’m stuck at home it is probably a good idea to think about getting one.

Not sure who all will be open to ship, so an Amazon suggestion would be ideal. I’m curious what printers people have and what they recommend.



Interesting Jeff. I have been thinking about that too. I’ll keep following your posts. Thanks for bringing this up.I have been checking out the string printers but I’m very interested in the SLA printers.

I’m guessing @chrismakesstuff and @andy have lots of experience to share with 3D printers, so I’m hoping they can chime in at some point.

Maybe even a YouTube video showing off the printer farm and discussing the relative merits and weak points of the various models you have heavily used? :slight_smile:


I have a Creality Ender 3x (glass bed). Use it with PLA & PETG filaments. Have used it to print parts for my Mill One V3 which I’m in the process of modifying (enlarging) to accommodate milling/carving/laser work on the cheese cutter boards & other similar stuff I do. You can find lots of printable items on Thingiverse. Mill One stuff & Ender 3 enhancements. 3D printing requires some experimenting & patience to set up & keep going soothly but there are lots of videos & sites on-line to help. Software wise I use mainly Ultimaker Cura 4.5 as a slicer & combination of Inkscape (2D) & Tinkercad (3D) to design/tweak what I want if I can’t find an appropriate STL file of what I want to do.