48x30 MK2 - Bad backlash nut?

I’m having issues with my X axis and the backlash nut. I think I may have warped it earlier and now I can’t seem to get the thing set right (found that the two mounting bolts were overtightened when researching another issue).

I’ve been doing small jobs, changing bits often in the job and it seems like after every job, the backlash screw on the X axis has tightened itself so much it cannot be backed off by hand. When jogging from right to left, it makes a bad shuddering noise. I have to get the wrench to back it off after every run. Now I’m afraid to attempt any long job because I feel it will bind up after a while. when I do tighten back up, I thread it by hand until I feel a little resistance and then just stop, or tighten just a smidge more by hand.

Could the nut be damaged or something?

I had a similar problem- lots of noise from the X axis - no problems with the backlash losing or tightening until just now. It loosened to the point it fell out. Maybe I should be checking the adjustment more often.

Anyway spoke with @JayKent242 and he told me I over tightened the X screw nut - honestly I had the older brass one and stripped it out. The saying “tight is tight and too tight is broken “ apparently doesn’t apply here. :grimacing:

He sent me this link to help me adjust it

Hope this helps!

Thanks. watched the video. I’ve done everything in the video before, but was still having issue with the backlash screw/bolt “self tightening” and causing binding. I put a little teflon tape on the threads to keep it in place. seems to have resolved it. runs quiet now and no shuddering/chattering moving left/right.

Great idea! I am having the opposite problem. My screw is loosening. Actually fell out just before I replayed to you. The screw got caught between the plate and the X rail. Included picture of the damage for amusement. Luckily the damage doesn’t affect the machine, hence the amusement.

Check out all the metal filings on the table.

Thanks, I will be using your idea!