6.8 Update Load File

The load file button doesn’t work all the time with this update either.

Hi Joshua, it seems we’ve located that the load file issue is coming when you update the software without being connected to the internet. If you go and download the EXE manually or run the update while connected to the internet it should address your issues.

You can see the discussion on that here:

We’ve got a fix on the way for 0.6.9 that we’ve tested and solves the problem. That version should be out in a week-ish. If you’ve got any other issues or things to report let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you for getting into the file load button not working. From my perspective, the auto-updater is a nothing issue. I personally don’t wait with bated breath for the next version so I can be on top of the current issue. So I am running now on version 0.6.5 and shall remain here until proof positive most issues are corrected. As I have a mess with all the updating and deleting to return to 0.6.5. Looking foward to that confirmation. Keep up with the good work.

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