A couple questions before purchasing Longmill Mk2

I’ve been doing some research on buying a CNC, and the Longmill came up in a couple places. It looks like a very sweet tool, but it only has a 90 day warranty, while all the other machines I’m considering are 1 year. Anyone have issues that came up after the Longmill’s 90 day warranty period was up? Did they work with you at all to resolve the issues?

I also read several other forum posts here about EMI issues with the Longmill. Anybody have thoughts or workarounds for that problem?

I can only speak from experience. I have the Longmill Mk2. It’s a very well built machine. I’ve had some other cheap CNC machines and they can’t hold a candle to the Longmill.

I received my machine in February and haven’t had any issues with it. The assembly videos on Youtube were great and everything worked the first time. I highly recommend watching them through once before you get the machine, then again as you assemble it. You’ll have a much better frame of reference for what you’re doing and what’s coming up, and you’ll be familiar with the parts. The design is well done and there are a lot of repeated assemblies, which makes setup much easier and inspires confidence.

As far as I knew, EMI issues were related to people using incorrect USB cables, but I could be wrong. If there was going to be interference, I should be experiencing it, but I’m not. I have only 1 power circuit in my garage, and a lot of equipment attached to it. I have lots of radio signals in the area, electric motors, and other things that should create issues if it were an issue.

Again, I can only speak from my own experience, but I would easily buy this machine again. I haven’t had any issues at all, but one of the reasons I felt confident in my initial purchase was posts I’ve read where when people did have issues, the support was very good. I’d also say you’re much more likely to have issues down the road with the router than the controller board, and if you don’t have any issues with bent parts or anything when you’re assembling, you’re not going to encounter any long-term issues with the machine itself. It’s mostly just single piece extrusions, threaded rods, and steel plates.


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I get what you are saying about the mechanical parts lasting a long time once the build is complete. I feel like the most likely thing to break would be the controller board - which is currently on backorder. Hopefully after 90 days that has hit the flat part of the bathtub curve though :grinning:

After about 6 years of analysis paralysis I got the MK2 48” in December 2022, having a full time job and being a perfectionist, not my own opinion, I didn’t get it set up and running till March. Bye-bye 90 days.
I have had a couple issues apparently running the laser into the work surface doesn’t bode well for the orange plastic shields. I contacted Sienci Labs after a laugh at my expense I placed an order for a couple of items and they included a free set of shields. Other than that the only other issues I have ran into were “user error “
They have been extremely helpful!
I would buy another one from them with no hesitation.
Hope this helps

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Totally satisfied w my purchase and although a novice I know quality when I see it. One itsy bitsy caveat…if you don’t already own one , buy a T handle ball nose metric Allen wrench set…the collet on the steeper motor (X axis) is a bear to tighten …trust me. Other than that a great machine w superior customer service. Do not hesitate to join the Longmill FB group…a great and knowledgeable bunch indeed.

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