Ability to scale G-code files

I have a g-code file that runs very nicely on a 24" x 10" block of material. But now I find I have a 22" x 9" block. It would be helpful if gSender could atomagically scale the movements for me (I’m assuming it would scale the same amount in both directions). It may not be perfect, but in some cases it might be better than going back to Fusion/Vectric/whatever and regenerating all the files.

I would be inclined to go back to my Vectric Vcarve Pro, change the material size and check the box that allows Vcarve to scale the vectors to the change in material size. Then the toolpaths can be recalculated and new gcode files saved.

It looks like a daunting task to rescale gcode directly.

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You could change your $100 and $102 settings temporarily.
Just multiply your current settings by 0.9
Remember that you’ll have to change them back!