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@chrismakesstuff Chris: I don’t seem to have the link to the google feedback form. Please re-send. Tks

@chrismakesstuff maybe Post the link to the form here or in it’s own topic closed to comments?

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got it posted here :+1:

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Hey Guys! Let me just say thank you to all of you for allowing me to be a part of this historic group! As most of you know I have been using my Longmill to produce How To videos on You Tube. In January of this year I started using Carveco maker and UGS. Carveco Has been a joy! UGS not so much. It has a mind of it’s own at times. LOL Recently, while working on this weeks video I had a serious malfunction with UGS and decided to run gSender instead. The carve went well until the end. This is the first failure I have had using gSender. I have run over 70 carves with it and no errors. I assume it is a fluke.? What is troubling to me is my test carve was flawless! I am wondering if Carveco has another post processor I should be using for gSender instead of UGS? The other is that UGS processor in Carveco does not support multiple tools. Because of this I had to save separate tool paths for each of the tools and run them individually. This is my first multiple tool build which is why I never knew this before. Hope all are well and look forward to your input. Thank you, Dana