Absolute z axis height

Hello all -

First post here and hoping to get some info from the experts. I have a 12x30 on order and I am getting a space set up in my shop for it to reside. However, I am space limited in a portion of the foot print for the z height. As you can see by the photo below I have a cabinet that is exactly 15 inches over the table below. That is 34 inches from the edge of the table. The question that I have for you experts is: Can someone run their machine to z-max and take a measurement so that I can rest easily knowing that my Longmill will nest perfectly under my cabinet. I have read on this site and others that the height is ~14 inches but I have see in the enclosure threads that you should give 20in.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.


@jdh Welcome, Jason.

I just measured mine again, to be sure. From the surface that the feet are on - in my case, the table top - to the top of the router is 12.75". This is with the router as low as it can be in the clamp, and using a Makita router.

Keep in mind that, with longer bits and depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting, you may need to raise the router in the clamp.

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Fantastic!! Thank you. It looks like I am good to go. I have the Makita router in my order should be good fine with 15".