Add Laser to longmill MK1

I am considering adding a laser to my Longmill Can I continue to use the dust boot with the laser attached when using the machine to cut wood? Any special protection needed for the lens when using cnc in regular mode?

I suspect that most lasers when installed with interfere with the dust boot. I always remove my laser when not using it. If you can get it setup to be easy to install and remove, 2 bolts and plug/unplug some wires, that is the way to go in my opinion.


Both the original and second version of the dust boot block the laser.

I milled a lens cover for the lens out of some acrylic, but it never really stayed on very well with all the movement of the axis.

I ended up running extended wires from the laser, to the control board so I could unplug the laser (3 plugs) and unscrew the laser mounting bracket (also milled out of acrylic).

I felt that keeping the laser on the spindle mounting bracket during a carve was too risky on an expensive investment so I took it off when using the spindle.

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Thanks for all the responses. Should I order the Lightburn software with my Laser or just try to 30 day trial first? Or are there any other better software options I should consider?

Is there a discount to buying it with the laser? I would try then buy if the cost is the same.

I have LightBurn and it’s good and not terribly expensive.

Vectric has a laser module that I have but would not recommend as you can accomplish most/all of what it can do with J-Tech’s post processor for free.

LaserGRBL looks interesting and is free but I haven’t used it so I can’t compare to LighBurn.

No, The Original dust boot is not compatible with the Laser