After installing vortex switch y-axis each side moves opposite the other

I have updated my post after verifying some things.

I am trying to install my Vortex and have an issue with y-axis after installing the Vortex y/a switch.

Before installing the Vortex switch the machine moves in all axis as expected.

Yet, after the Vortex y/a switch is installed there is an issue with the y-axis motors now move in opposite directions. One y motor moves in the - and the other in the +.

I have checked and done the following.
-checked connections and wiring, no loose wires and connections are tight.
-removed vortex y/a switch and y-axis works correctly without switch in line.
-reconnected switch and same issue with y-axis after homing.
-double checked connections, removed wires to verify and reinstalled.
-verified continuity of each wire and connections at switch.

Machine is a MK1, with inductive sensors and running the current version of g-sender.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,


After a day of checking connections, wires and such I still have not resolved the issue. Yet I think I have narrowed things down, to either the Y/A axis switch or one of the new cables.

Without the switch and new cables for the Vortex the machine runs perfectly.

The last thing I did is run the cable for the Y1 motor directly from the Longboard to the motor. The Y2 ran thru the switch. The end result was the machine and both Y motors worked properly.

This leads me to believe the issue is either with the switch or one of the cables supplied with the Vortex, that run from the Longboard to the switch.

I was going to do some more cable swapping to see if I can narrow it to either a cable or the switch.

After some more cable swapping and testing, it appears any time I try to use the switch with the Y1 cables is when the issue with the Y-Axis occurs. This would lead me to believe the Y/A switch is what is causing the issue with the Y-Axis movements.

I have sent a tech support form to Sienci and am waiting to hear back.

Sienci, sent a replacement switch.

After installing the new Y/A switch, the machine works properly.

@djen As your issue has been resolved, I will close this topic.