Air assist wiring

Hey sienci dam,

I have added air assist to my longmill and was thinking about wiring it with a solenoid so the longboard can turn it on and off as needed.

All the solenoids I see have 3 wires. I’m gissing, and just need confirmation, that if for example I get a 110v ac solenoid, that I can run a power and ground through a wall outlet.

But the air assist on the board is a 2 pin. Do I just us the last pin on the solenoid and run a single pin to one of the 2 pins? Which one? Positive I’m guessing.

Orrrr. Do I run both pins and have the power connect to the solenoids 3rd pin and the ground would get spliced to the 110v ground?

I don’t know about solenoids but I use this IoT relay to control my air assist. Sienci has some info about the relay here. It was easy to hook up. I just plug my vacuum and router into when using the router and when using the laser I unplug the router and vacuum and plug in my air assist and exhaust fan. With the relay hooked up M8 turns the stuff on and M9 turns the stuff back off.

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Ohhh interestinggg. I have one of those for my spindle.
For vacuum that makes sense. For air assist in my specific setup I have a compressor that I use with multiple tools and have a manifold connected. So it is always on.

I wonder if the solenoid could be wired that way too? … I do think I saw some two wire solenoids that might work best through a setup with an IoT strip. And wire the solenoid to one of those IoT strips

@Banksy Did you get your air assist sorted? I think something like this would work, hooked up to the coolant on the LongBoard. It’s got 2 wires and is 5 volt which is what I think the coolant outputs, might want to confirm it with Sienci as it wasn’t exactly clear on this page about the LongBoard. It also is only 0.5 amps which should be OK.

So I’m thinking something like that after the manifold in your setup. Make sure it’s a normally closed valve.

Thanks for checking in that’s what I was gunna try using to control a IoT power strip. The pump I order was 110v so that I could do that.

Buuuuut even though I just got all the parts I’m currently rebuilding my longmill. Adding the 48in extension. And remodelled the feet to use aluminum extrusions as the bas instead of wood. And mounting it so it can fold up to the wall. And the wall will actually be a wheeled cart with lumber storage on the back to also act as a weight for the base. I’ll be posting about it when it’s done

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