Altmill not in gsender

ALTMILL does not appear in GSENDER!My altMill jogged IN ALL DIRECTIONS until I hit home and now it seems Frozen it clicks and the bit in G sender visualizer moves around but the mill doesn’t do anything. Is it because of homing issues and not having the settings for Altmill? I am running latest ver 1.4.7 I totally uninstalled old version and downloaded new and no Altmill.

@Dana I’ve moved your question to the gSender category. The team at Sienci will see it more quickly here.

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Thank you! Hoping they can resolve this.

Hi Dana, I’d suggest sending in a ticket about this since the AltMill is newly released and the number of people on our team well-versed in troubleshooting it is still low. I saw your email as well and forwarded it to the AltMill team for the same reason.

Unfortunately myself and others on the forum don’t have the capability to help with this currently. I’d even suggest to try calling in before the end of the day or during following business hours since they’d likely be able to help you out there too. Best of Luck!

I’m in the basically the same situation with my Altmill.

I just got my Altmill up and running. all the axis are backwards and x axis doesn’t function swap out cables and motors it seems to be the super long board ext. in my case