Another small screw problem

Its all fixed now but I was surprised it happened. The little keeper ring that keeps the bearings in the front support of the long mill loosened off on mine. The left lead screw came right out of the support leg. The bearing came out with the keeper ring so I shoved it back in and tightened the keeper back down. So on a regular basis check those keepers as well. I know the new machines that come out won’t have that problem but the beta testers will.


For those of us trying to get a landing area ready for the machine, can you publish the actual machine footprint required - the width from when the carriage is fully left to when it’s fully right, the depth from when the carriage is fully forward to when it’s fully back, and the height from the table to when the carriage is all the way up? I’d like to make sure I allow enough work room around the machine in the new cabinet.


Ya I will for sure. Give me a few minutes.
Front to back you will need 44 1/2 Inches.
Side to side the out side of the rails are 33 1/2 to the mounting brackets. But you will need and extra 8" for the control box.
Then up and down you will need a minimum of 12" hight. 14" to 16" would be better so you can hand adjust the y axis.

Hope this helps guys.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I need.

Is the control box cable long enough, or can it be made long enough, to put it somewhere else, like under the table?

Im not sure what the length of it is. I don’t have one on mine. The boards are just mounted on a pieces of plywood and screwed to the wall. No enclosure. The one you will get will be inside a metal box of sorts. At least that is the last iteration I saw. I would unsure the case you make for your machine is easy to take apart. You will have to tighten screws and such as time goes on. They tend loosen up because of vibration. Plus adding some height to the inside so you can adjust the router height would be wise. Maybe an extra 6" or so.

Thanks again Greg. Not sure I would have thought of needing extra height above for router adjustment.
I appreciate the heads-up!

Your very welcome. BTW guys I will only be answering questions on here now. Some in the FB group have taken what I said in a way it was not meant. I apologise and explained better but it didn’t matter. So I am done there.

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