Anti Backlash Nuts

Just picked up a set of the spring loaded anti backlash nuts. After installing the one on the X axis and the one on the Z axis I tried to move the gantry back on the Y axis to install the other two anti backlash nuts. No luck, the Longmill will not move along the Z or X axis. The nuts seem to be too tight, not allowing the machine to move. Anyone else having issues with anti backlash nuts?

Update, apparently I got some anti backlash nuts that didn’t face quality control testing. The screw holes were full of fuzzies and debris and had to be cleaned out. I then used a hobby knife blade to clean between the two sides, one had so much debris it was still attached to the other side. Lastly I unscrewed the spring screws one turn. After all that, I re-installed the new anti backlash nuts and they work great.

It’s good to hear that you resolved your issue, Chris. I’m closing the thread, but others will still be able to read how to fix the nuts.

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